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Stoyan Yanakiev in full body, wearing swim trunks, standing on Santa Monica beach, displaying a physique of a superhero

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Every superhero has an origin story. Click here if you're interested in discovering mine.

Headshot of Stoyan Yanakiev smiling on a dark background
Stoyan Yanakiev / Surpass Yourself logo, with golden “S” and “Y” letters merging together in a diamond shape, resembling Superman's shield


Find out more about the way I train and coach, and what makes working with me unique.

Discover surpass yourself


Explore the headquarters...

My own private gym...

My fortress of fortitude

The Fortress of Fortitude – a fully-equipped private home gym with unique design and atmosphere located in the heart of Los Angeles

experience fitness
like never before

Stoyan Yanakiev performing a squat assessment of a beautiful female athlete at his private gym, taking notes of his observations

one-of-a-kind holistic approach

Elevate your fitness experience to unprecedented heights. Embrace a transformative journey guided by a comprehensive system that goes beyond the gym, encompassing every aspect of your well-being. From meticulously crafted training regimens and personalized nutrition plans to optimizing sleep, enhancing recovery, and even incorporating elements of physical therapy - this is the ultimate fitness experience.

Your health and well-being are my top priority. Train with a piece of mind through regular assessments of your movement quality, ensuring you're always moving and performing at your best, and keeping you injury-free.

Receive personalized assistance and guidance in preventing and rehabilitating many common injuries, including knee pain and back pain.

All in one holistic approach designed to reshape not just your physique but your entire life.

exclusive training

When you train with me, you gain access to a unique private facility dedicated to your fitness journey.

Train with confidence using top-quality equipment in a pristine, well-maintained environment.

A different angle of the Fortress of Fortitude – a fully-equipped private home gym with unique design and atmosphere located in Los Angeles
Stoyan Yanakiev helping a beautiful female athlete perform barbell back squats at the Fortress of Fortitude - his private gym in Los Angeles

train like a pro: Unlock your full potential

Why settle for mediocrity when you can train like a professional athlete?

No more aimless workouts filled with random exercises, no structure and no clear objectives.

Discover the power of a periodized training system that brings structure, goals, and a meticulously planned progression, all specifically designed for your individual goals, needs, fitness level and health condition. Achieve your fitness milestones in the quickest, safest, and most effective way possible.

Elevate your fitness game through regular progress pictures and measurements, as well as continuous recording and tracking of all your essential metrics and numbers for personalized progress optimization.


Immerse yourself in an atmosphere unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Every little detail - from the design and ambient lighting, to the personalized decors and custom-made artwork, and even the carefully selected music and visuals, streaming on the TV, is purposefully created to take you to a different world, ignite your inspiration, and enhance your focus and motivation.

Another angle of the gym showing Rogue power rack, barbell, plates, dumbbells and a huge curtain with superhero artwork saying “Fortress of Fortitude”

because you deserve nothing less



Kyle Black

Doesn’t get much better than Stoyan; I've been lucky to train with him for a couple years now. It would take more space than this review will allow for me to praise the informed, professional, and dedicated approach he has pursued in our sessions. He continues to help fine-tune my training and nutrition, set realistic goals for my physical development, and personalize each step of the journey with periodized routines and diet plans. Stoyan’s genuine passion for health and fitness is infectious; it gets me pumped up every time. He takes additional effort to demonstrate exercises, chart my progress, and address limitations. There aren’t a lot of personal trainers out there who have knowledge about physical therapy to ensure that I’m moving and performing my best to minimize the risk of injury. He makes investments in my success and is excited when we hit new PRs. I respect his mental fortitude, sense of discipline, and focus which keeps me motivated to push harder each time we meet. We spend a good amount of time honing in on the mentality and mindset of the gym which has been useful not only for the work I am doing there but also in my everyday life as a classical musician and administrator. Few coaches can offer their clients the privacy of a fully equipped home gym. The thought of stepping into a public gym for the first time without any knowledge is partially what kept me away for so long. I’ve been able to build up foundation of knowledge and strength free from the judging eyes of others which gave me the courage to head out on my own for the first time this past year without the fear I used to experience. Just one of the many reasons I choose to work with Stoyan over the hundreds of other coaches and trainers out there looking to attract new clients. I’m proud of the changes and ongoing transformation. Huge improvements to my physical and mental state of well being all made at the “Fortress of Fortitude.”

Juanita Webster-Freeman

Stoyan is THE BEST! He’s an incredible coach and an amazing person! As a pro athlete in track and field who was top 8 in the US in the 2021 Olympic trials, I've worked with a lot of coaches and I’ve seen a lot of things, but what Stoyan brings to the table is something else. Stoyan’s tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, his versatile expertise in physical training, as well as physical therapy, his unmatched meticulous and professional approach to everything he does, and his impressive appearance and presence all blend together to create a combination that is quite unique and extremely hard to beat. Working with Stoyan, I got the opportunity to gain a much better understanding of my overall health and fitness. I really enjoy how he breaks down proper body mechanics of the way I am lifting and my overall movement competency, and teaches me how to improve those and be more effective and efficient. I love the fact that Stoyan is so well-versed in physical therapy – he constantly assesses my mobility, stability, balance and coordination, and works with me on optimizing my quality of movement. This has been a total game-changer for me as it helps me perform better and stay injury-free. Stoyan is very engaged and attentive throughout the sessions, he’s always giving his full attention, focusing on the way I’m moving and performing each exercise, and constantly provides me with invaluable insights. Stoyan has a great eye and his attention to detail is unparalleled – nothing gets overlooked, no aspect is neglected, which always guarantees exceptional quality and results. What I like most about Stoyan has got to be his presence and personality. As a top-level athlete, I’ve been around many impressive individuals, so it takes a special type of person for me to trust and respect, and to follow their lead. Stoyan looks like he means business and he definitely means it. He is not one of those coaches that only talk a lot but can’t back it up. Stoyan is an athlete, he lives and breathes the lifestyle, and leads by setting a great example first and foremost. Stoyan’s focus, dedication and discipline, his passion, his drive, his character and entire mindset are all amazing qualities I admire. It feels great to be around someone like Stoyan, who inspires you to be better, helps you push yourself even harder, and brings out the best in you. I know that’s exactly what I need. I can now set new professional goals to conquer and I'm excited for what's to come moving forward as I continue this amazing journey with Stoyan as my coach. Thank you, Stoyan, for all your help!

Rupesh Kumar

Stoyan is more than a fantastic coach and trainer, he is also a great mentor and role model! Meeting him was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I saw Stoyan walking down the street and was very impressed and inspired by his physique, the way he looks and carries himself, so I asked him for some tips. He was very friendly and down-to-earth, he invited me for a free consultation and we started working together. I was looking to improve my training because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. He took the time to ask me questions and really get to know me first. Then he performed a thorough evaluation of the way I moved and created a very specific program to help me fix all the issues we found, so I can move better, stay healthy and not injure myself. He helped me learn how to do different exercises and how to perform them safely and efficiently. He also taught me so much about nutrition, sleep, recovery and all aspects of fitness, including how important the mindset and mentality are. He created both a training and a nutritional program that are specific and personalized for my needs and level. I love that Stoyan always talks about how important the mental aspect is - that discipline and consistency are everything, that you need to stop making excuses, that you should welcome challenges because that’s the only way you can grow. Being around someone who brings that energy, who has that mentality and actually does all those things himself is very powerful and motivational, and really helped me through some difficult times. I see Stoyan as a mentor as he helps me and inspires me to improve and become better in all aspects of life, not just fitness. I think what sets Stoyan apart is his passion for fitness and his work ethic. He’s always very professional, writing everything down, tracking all your sets and reps, timing your rest, tracking your nutrition, and always holding you accountable and pushing you to be better. I haven’t seen another coach or trainer as thorough, passionate and dedicated to his craft and his clients as Stoyan. You can tell that he loves what he does, that he really cares about his clients and is fully invested in helping them change their lives.



Front view of Stoyan Yanakiev in full body, standing shirtless, holding a football in the right hand, displaying a ripped, muscular, athletic physique

No more waiting

for the perfect moment.

No more procrastinating.

No more making excuses.

They say hell is meeting the person you could have become, seeing all that wasted potential.

Do you want to live a life full of regrets?

It's time to make a CHOICE!




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